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Irina Voro

Music: Solos, Duos, and Trios

Irina Voro
Irina Voro859-552-8170859-257-8170 Fax: 859-257-9576irinavo@uky.eduNumber of Performers:1Fee Range:$500 – $5,000 Available for Block Booking
True connoisseurs can explain what makes her a world-class pianist; all others simply feel it. Every concert of this award-winning performer and teacher (Dr. Voro is a full-time professor at UK) becomes a revelation of something new, touching and wonderful, something that we all are subconsciously looking for.

Irina Voro believes that a classical piano recital must be understandable and be enjoyed even by the people for whom the word "classical" normally means songs by Steven Foster or the Beatles. So, aside from bedazzling the audiences the world over with her “conventional” piano performances, several years ago this Russian-Canadian pianist came up with the idea of L'Excital for Piano, Narrative and Imagination. In this semi-theatrical show Irina first shares her own poetic visions of the pieces she’s about to play, then the music begins… It’s all blended together with tastefully selected visual and sound effects. From the start L'Excital was designed to attract new audiences to classical concerts, and it works. Critics and audiences alike cannot hide their fascination with both the quality of Voro’s artistic vision and the quality of her playing.