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na Skylark

Music: Solos, Duos, and Trios

na Skylark, which simply means “the Skylark” in Irish, is dedicated to playing the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, and other Celtic lands on Ireland’s national instruments: the Irish harp and the Irish uilleann (“elbow”) pipes. na Skylark weaves these instruments and others, including the mountain dulcimer, Irish flutes and whistles, the Irish fiddle, vocals, and folk percussion, into a tapestry of sound and feeling that’s truly unique. Imagine the Celtic Women “Off Broadway,” and know you’re in for a treat! 

Jannell Canerday (Irish fiddle, vocals, Irish tinwhistle) began playing the fiddle at four years old, and started singing even sooner. An Alabama native and vocalist’s daughter, Jannell has been steeping in the overlapping worlds of folk music, bluegrass, Sacred Harp, and traditional Irish music for more years than she cares to say. Jannell is continually inspired by the many ways people use music to connect with each other, and is grateful for every note she gets to share. She lives in Louisville with her husband, dog, and a clutch of very contented urban hens.

Lorinda Jones (Irish harp, mountain dulcimer, Irish tinwhistle, vocals) grew up with a special love for folk and community music-making. Her father led songs in the Southern shape-note singing tradition, and Lorinda grew up playing church piano before earning a music education degree with focus in classical piano and oboe. When she discovered the mountain dulcimer and Irish harp she came home to folk and traditional music; now Lorinda has produced eight CDs, plus instruction books published by Mel Bay Publications. She is a board-certified music therapist, bringing her music to places of healing from the farm she shares with her husband. 

Cathy Wilde (Irish uilleann pipes, Irish flutes, Irish whistles) is a lifelong music lover who studied as a classical flute player. About 15 years ago, she discovered Irish music, and has devoted herself ever since to learning from, and playing with, some of the world’s very best Irish traditional musicians. For better or worse, it was through these teachers that Cathy came to the uilleann pipes, sometimes called “the world’s most difficult musical instrument” (she agrees). Cathy shares a hobby farm in Shelby County with a cast of animal characters carefully selected for their bagpiping-tolerance.


Minimum Technical Requirements
Minimum stage size: 10 feet x 12 feet
Lighting: as available
Sound: as available; band can supply phantom powered condensor mics