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na Skylark

Music: Solos, Duos, and Trios

Lorinda Jones
270-862-9747http://www.naskylark.com of Performers:3Fee Range:negotiable Available for Block Booking


Old Ceolna SkylarkLive at Elderly Music, Lansing, MIOld Ceol

“Mesmerizing.” “Deeply touching.” “Soul food for my Irish heart.” “Authentic Celtic roots music that makes my spirit soar.” These are just a few things listeners say about na Skylark, and the memorable musical journeys they’ve taken with the trio’s unique brand of Celtic chamber music over the past few years.

na Skylark, which simply means “the skylarks” in Irish, is an all-female trio dedicated to playing the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and other Celtic lands on Ireland’s national instruments: the Irish harp and the Irish uilleann (“elbow”) pipes. From there, na Skylark weaves these voices and others--Irish song, flutes and whistles, fiddle and the Appalachian “mountain” dulcimer--into a tapestry of sound and feeling that has delighted audiences large and small across the eastern United States.

An evening with Lorinda Jones, Cathy Wilde and Jannell Canerday offers a rare chance to explore the musical soul and source of “Celtic Women” and “Riverdance” in a relaxed, warm and truly up-close and personal setting. Charming, engaging and often laugh-out-loud funny, na Skylark creates an atmosphere that invites audiences to learn about instruments, history and music they may never have known about before--and always leaves them asking for more. 

The trio is also available for educational programs and “learn to play” instrument workshops.

na Skylark is a member of the Kentucky Arts Council’s Performing Artists Directory. The group released a CD titled “Old Ceol” in 2017, which was selected as one of the best new recordings of 2017 by “Celtic Connections” radio.​​​​​​​

Minimum Technical Requirements
Minimum stage size: 10 feet x 12 feet
Lighting: as available
Sound: as available; band can supply phantom-powered and other microphones