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Greg Schaber

Music: Solos, Duos, and Trios

Greg Schaber
Darlene Schaber859-391-6629http://www.gregschaber.com of Performers:1Fee Range:negotiable Available for Block Booking Stage Plot: View PDF



Looking for an engaging, entertaining musical experience built on strong instrumentals? Soulful vocals? Memorable, original tunes? Fresh takes on tradition? A Greg Schaber performance offers all that and more. Greg starts with a deep understanding of blues and related American folk music gleaned from more than 50 years of playing and study. He then mixes it all together and presents the results via a wide range of instruments and approaches, including flat-picked or fingerstyle guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, guitar banjo and even harp guitar. The overall effect is a kaleidoscope of sounds at once original and familiar, woven together with anecdotes and humor, that provide a rewarding listening experience for any audience.

Minimum Technical Requirements

Minimum stage size: 12 feet x 12 feet
Sound requirements: three microphones