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Butch Rice

Music: Solos, Duos, and Trios

Butch Rice502-608-5960 of Performers:1-5Fee Range:negotiable Available for Block Booking Stage Plot: View PDF


Fall for MeWastedWhy Won't This HeartWastedLove on Christmas Day

Soulful acoustic pop has never hit quite so close to home. Butch Rice writes about what we can all identify with: love and loss. With every tune, the heartstrings resound as if the guitar has been in the hands of too many, slightly bruised and worn, but stronger in character.

Butch is no stranger to the music scene. Having opened for and played with several local and national acts, such as Matthew Ryan, Edwin McCain, Augustana, Vanessa Williams and Tony Lucca. He has also been selected as an ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Special Award Winner for his writing and performance accomplishments. He has stripped himself down to a one man act to become one of the most unique sounding voices of our time.

With his sincere stage presence and poignant lyrics, Butch takes you on a melancholy journey of remembrance with his sweet, yet rich falsetto. But it is in his phrasing and undeniable striking timbre that his powerhouse vocals will leave you shaken and asking for more.​​

Minimum Technical Requirements
Minimum stage size: 6 feet x 6 feet
Lighting: 1 100-lumen stage lamp
Sound: performer can provide PA