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Octavia Sexton

Storytelling and Theatre

Octavia Sexton606-256-9796606-308-4203http://www.octaviasexton.comoctaviasexton@windstream.netNumber of Performers:1Fee Range:$350–$1,200 Available for Block Booking Stage Plot: View PDF


Jack and the Magic SackJack Tales, Part 1Jack Tale, Part 2Octavia Sexton Promo
“With flesh and bone, heart and soul, a single thread; I weave my cultural traditions and wisdom into the fabric of the human experience.”
 A native of eastern Kentucky, Octavia grew up in a rich tradition of storytelling, hearing stories handed down from her English, Irish, and Cherokee ancestors. Her natural dialect transports the listener into the Appalachian Mountains - where ’haints’ (ghosts) chill your blood, Jack tickles your funny bone, and the hills and hollers’ are full of surprises.   Octavia also shares personal experience stories and humorous anecdotes based on her life. She attended a one room grade school in Eastern Kentucky; lived most of her growing up years without television or the convenience of indoor plumbing and had many experiences that range from the hilarious to the poignant.  .
With a degree in history and English education, Octavia has the tools to present and teach an appreciation for our Kentucky heritage as well as for our individual stories. You may contact her for a description of story programs to fit your specific age groups. She is available for block booking and agreeable to negotiating her fees to fit your budget.
Minimum Technical Requirements
Minimum stage size: 5 feet x 5 feet
Lighting: normal light
Sound:one clip-on microphone
Other: one stool or chair