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The Betweeners

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The Betweeners
Stephen Couch502-459-6033thebetweeners@insightbb.comNumber of Performers:3–5Fee Range:negotiable Available for Block Booking
The Betweeners are an acoustic band playing a unique hybrid of American roots music. Their instrumentation and soulful delivery seduce the listener while offering intelligent lyrics and tasty arrangements. The Betweeners’ debut album has been compared to the efforts of legendary acts such as The Band, Fairport Convention and Old and In the Way.


The band is centered around lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Couch, but is superbly augmented by the bass work of Owen Reynolds and harmony singing of Eddy Green. The Betweeners are equally comfortable playing sultry blues, a Latin-flavored groove or a red-hot bluegrass instrumental. Their songs are totally infectious, sometimes hilarious and absolutely impossible to ignore. Their performances are always filled with humor and a musical showmanship that is bound to leave the audience breathless from the versatility and virtuosity of these musicians.