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River City Drum Corps

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River City Drum Corps
Ed White
River City Drum Corps
502-772-7660 Number of Performers:variesFee Range:$500 – $15,000 Available for Block Booking


River City Drum Corps is one of Kentucky’s premiere youth organizations. Founded in 1990 by Ed "Nardie" White, the River City Drum Corps is a non-traditional arts and education concept which molds traditional African drumming, percussive music training, performance and cultural education into one focus.


The River City Drum Corps is a group of talented, creative, young people who represent the spirit of diversity in Kentucky. Members of the Drum Corps assist in the facilitation of hands-on workshops that teach participants how to play the drums as well as build personal drums, an ideal activity for organizations, schools and communities. The River City Drum Corps can help your community create its own Drum Corps and performance unit. The River City Drum Corps has traveled throughout the state of Kentucky and the United States. Let the River City Drum Corp's "Spirit of the Drum" captivate your audience.