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Rick Oldfield & Curnie Wilson Band

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Rick Oldfield & Company
April Brumfield
Brumfield and Associates
859-622-1428859-893-0621http://www.brumfieldassociates.cominfo@brumfieldassociates.comNumber of Performers:5 – 6Fee Range:$2,000 – $3,500 Available for Block Booking
Keeping that traditional bluegrass sound alive…

The Rick Oldfield & Curnie Wilson Band is one of the best new bluegrass bands to hit the scene in a long time and hails from Central Kentucky. The band has a sincere love and passion for that old time traditional sound that blends soulful harmony vocals with top-notch instrumentation and they do their best to play it in the style of the bluegrass forefathers.

Like Ralph Stanley, Rick’s ability to hit the right notes and chords make him a singer of new trailblazing proportions. Rick Oldfield grew up listening to old-style mountain music, as he calls it, and around the age of 10, he found himself singing along with recordings of the Stanley Brothers and other bluegrass greats. Although the instruments he heard were played very well, Rick fell in love with the tight harmonies and soulful duets. He continued singing and in the early 1990’s began singing professionally. While a member of the Larry Fuller band, Rick found himself opening on occasion for the legendary Ralph Stanley. In 1997, Rick joined Ralph on stage in a duet paying homage to the all time great Stanley Brothers—a dream come true for Rick. After that momentous occasion, Rick never looked back, and has since performed with bluegrass greats Don Rigsby, Kenneth Davis, Ralph II, Danny Davis, James Price, Ferrell Stowe and Kathy Chiavola, among others.

The Rick Oldfield & Curnie Wilson Band has performed at various arts centers including the University of Georgia—Athens, the Walhalla Civic Auditorium, the McKelvey Center, Kentucky on Stage, the Performing Arts Exchange, Richmond Arts Council, Renfro Valley’s Barn Stage and countless bluegrass festivals around the nation.