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Henry Austin
502-727-9153 http://www.keltricity.cominfo@keltricity.comNumber of Performers:4Fee Range:$450–$2,000 Available for Block Booking Stage Plot: View PDF


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Keltricity is a Celtic-world band that features traditional, contemporary and eclectic Celtic-influenced music from Ireland, Cape Breton, Scotland, England, Brittany, New England and French Canada. The four-member group is comprised of accomplished musicians with backgrounds in various musical genres, from traditional Irish bands to Scottish and New England contra dance bands, to classical, rock and jazz. The variety of these experiences now converge to provide some of the most innovative music around.

Instrumentation consists of accordion (Laurel Fuson); mandolin (Joe Burch); fiddle, piano and vocals (Caroline Yeager); and guitar (Henry Austin). Clear, crisp vocals characteristic of the genre are presented as solos and two-part harmonies. Together these sounds present fresh musical perspectives on a respected tradition.
Keltricity has performed within a broad range of venues including some of the area's most prominent annual outdoor festivals, heritage day celebrations, holiday shows, state park programs, radio broadcasts, benefit concerts, casino entertainment, wedding receptions and regional pubs. A Keltricity performance is always full of new and exciting musical surprises in arrangements of songs and tunes that have become favorites of avid Celtic traditionalists as well as the eclectic music lovers.​​​​​
Minimum Technical Requirements
Minimum stage size: 16 feet x 12 feet
Lighting: standard stage lighting
Sound: 10 channel, 200 watt minimum; 2 stage monitors
Other: Band can provide sound system for smaller venues or see stage plot