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Steve Sizemore
http://www.appalatin.comappalatin@yahoo.comNumber of Performers:6Fee Range:negotiable Available for Block Booking


Vamos al CampoCanta Mi GenteSan Juanito EcuatorianoGotita de Lluvia/Shady Grove

Appalatin’s sound is the unique blend of several cultures: part Latino, part Appalachian, but most importantly world. They interpret traditional folk music in their own style and perform a number of original songs as well. The six-member band uses all acoustic instrumentation that features classical and steel string guitars; traditional Native wood flutes and pan flutes; harmonica; mandolin; charango (Andean ukelele); bass; and a myriad of percussion (congas, bongos, cajon, maracas, cowbell and guiro to name a few).

While they call Louisville, Ky., home, each member has found a unique path to arrive there. The derivation of the name Appalatin represents the origin of the six members of the band: two members were born and grew up in the Appalachian region of Kentucky, one from Louisville, one member from the Andean mountain region in Ecuador, one member was born and raised in Nicaragua and one in Mexico. Their mission is to share original, folkloric and popular songs from Appalachia and Latin America and bring a message of a fair and just world, one of hope, joy and love.

Appalatin’s fun and engaging acoustic sounds and world view inspires audience participation (dancing, singing, hand clapping and foot stomping) and make for a perfect contribution to any community, fundraising, educational or festival event. Their educational workshops (grades K – 12) focus on core curriculum material and exercises for music and social sciences. The workshops feature kinetic rhythmic exercises exploring the polyrhythms of Latin America, introduction to the songwriting process, understanding cultural influences on the band's music and exploring the band's unique musical instruments.

Minimum Technical Requirements
Minimum stage size: 15 feet x 10 feet
Sound: four vocal mics, two instrument mics, bass amp