Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Kimberley Mahlbacher


HeirloomCroft Art in Wool LLCLouisville,
Art which comes to life with imagination.
I chose the name HeirloomCroft to honor my parents who gave us a section of their land where we have a small farm. My work encompasses woodland creatures, faeries, wild and domestic animals, gentle Nativities and botanical. My knowledge, love and appreciation for nature speaks throughout my work. Each piece captures a whimsical, joy-filled spirit where the buyer will find a gentle smile, or mischievous wink, or perhaps even the unbridled imagination of remembered childhood dreams.
Each sculpture is finely needle felted using only pure quality wool over a single wire base. The wire is 100% copper and the eyes are made from glass. My sculptures are uniquely poseable, allowing the buyer the fun of their own creative touch. Come and explore. I promise to bring a smile.