Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Devin French


Devin French Glass Art
954 E. Kentucky St.
Louisville, KY 40204

My current designs in glass center on my love of making objects for hospitality. I believe that these art pieces can be used for contemplation and be aesthetically pleasing. I want the best of all worlds, where art is made for both the wall and the kitchen table. Much of what I create is structured around designs that occur in both the man-made and natural worlds. By using these patterns in my work, I seek to manifest rhythms in physical form and expand them into three dimensions. I am fascinated that ideas can become flat patterns, and then be molded to hold an offering or meal for others.

In addition to my line of functional glassware, I also work with patrons, artists and architects to transform their ideas into custom works of art. I design and create decorative and functional glass that beautifies spaces, commemorates events and honors the spirit. The process for creating each unique piece involves meticulously sifting glass powder onto sheets of glass. I shape the powder into designs, then load the glass on to ceramic molds in a kiln and allow the heat to "slump" the glass into new shapes. The pieces are then cold worked in the final process, and are ready for functional use, or installation, in public and private spaces.