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John & Byron Marks

Wood • Furniture

Fine Crafts of Kentucky
12371 Gaines Way
Walton, KY 40194
My vision is to produce functional items and furniture for the home that are beautiful to the eye and to the touch. The things I produce spring from basic American values: hard work, toughness, value and beauty.
My medium is wood because it is versatile and workable. It also has the visual and tactile appeal that my work requires. It is naturally warm. It is a material that demands being in physical contact with people. I often see somebody pick up one of my products to look at it and then come back and handle it — just to feel it. Few other materials have the same soul as wood.
I begin with function. The item has to work. It has a job to do. If it’s good, it will make the job easier. If it’s great, it will make the work satisfying. Next, I build in toughness. People can fail; my products should not. Toughness comes from quality materials and thoughtful design. I work with an item until it grows from a basic tool into something with the simple elegance that comes from function.
If I do my work well, it makes the leap from tool to art.