Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Lindsay E. Frost


Unique & Unusual Woodcarvings

304 Dorsey Lane
Louisville, KY  40223

My art is very personal to me, and I want to share it with those who have never really looked at the inside of a tree. There is an amazing inner beauty hidden inside a tree. The containers I create reveal the grain and color, the different funguses, all the unique properties that are hidden from man inside the wood of a tree.
Trees are older than man. They should be cared for and respected. Just because a tree falls is no reason to destroy it. The wood has an inner spirit, an energy that is waiting to be released. And that is what I try to do, to release that inner spirit so the wood can again please man.
Each piece tells the tale of the struggles in growth, success in reaching the sun, imperfections from lightning and insects, drought and fire. This is what makes each individual container unique.
I hope the quality of my work is subtle and simple and appreciated by those who find awe in nature. I want each person who sees my handmade objects to catch a glimpse of what I see in the wood.