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Peggy Modjeski


Woofsong Woolies10812 Ward Ave. Louisville, KY 40223502-724-3333

Peggy Modjeski's sculptures are inspired by her love of animals and nature. Her knowledge of anatomy allows her to create realistic looking creatures with a touch of whimsy and fun. She starts with a wire armature and carefully builds up layers of wool to form their bodies. She loves using fiber from different animals, each producing fleece with special qualities. Using fiber of different color, texture, luster and length gives her a large palette to choose from and also contributes to the uniqueness of her sculptures. Peggy enjoys doing custom work. If she can imagine it; she can make it.

According to her mother, “Peggy has always been an artist.” Although not formally trained as an artist, Modjeski has always loved creating art and finding patterns in nature. When her children were young, she regularly had art projects going on — painting, modeling clay, making jewelry and drawing. Now that her kids are grown and she is recently retired from her career as a registered nurse, Modjeski devotes her time to things that bring her joy. She is actively involved with WAGS, a volunteer animal therapy organization, and loves working as an artist creating felted sculpture.