Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Stephanie Brown


Tenth Post Handwovens
954 E. Kentucky St.
Louisville, KY 40204
I love fabric and have always been drawn to the elegantly simple, hardwearing old peasant textiles in which you can feel the hand of the weaver. In contrast to the fine linens that were stored away for special occasions, I prefer the aesthetic of these sturdy everyday fabrics that grow richer with time and use — developing a softer hand and delicate fading through the years.

Inspired by these textiles, my goal is to create modern fabric that has an air of timelessness about it. I want my fabric to be suffused with the look and feel of sun-washed, antique linens.

I work in small batches of five to 30 yards on Swedish handlooms in widths of up to 36 inches. By not automating the process, I am intimately involved with every step. Before the fabric is delivered, every inch of yarn has passed through human hands multiple times as it is prepared and woven, ensuring a level of quality and care only available in handcraft.

Weaving for the design trade, I work with interior designers and other makers to bring unique fabric and trim choices to their clients.