Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Alexey Stiop


Big Eye Photography
110 Royal Court
Georgetown, KY 40324

Alexey Stiop is a professional photographer whose work has been featured in books, articles, marketing campaigns and in private collections. After photography, travel is his second passion. Alexey draws his inspiration from the diversity of the world around him — from his own backyard to New Zealand landscapes and remote corners of the Amazon jungle. His topics vary greatly. While he studies subjects thoroughly, he is not looking to constrain himself to a niche. He likes exploring and finding new ways of seeing things.

Being a scientist and an engineer by trade has crossed over into his photography. His analytical mind shapes the way that he composes, frames and processes images. As a holdover from the days of film, Alexey is conservative with his exposures and tries to find that perfect angle and composition before he presses the shutter button. When making and processing an image, he strives to compact the atmosphere of the scene into two dimensions. His goal is to preserve the breath and vibrancy to bring the viewer into the moment.