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Jeanine Moneypenny and Teri Amsler


Moss Hill Bath + Body Collection
1201 Story Ave., Ste. 111
Louisville, KY 40206

In 2001 Jeanine Moneypenny began making bath and body products in her kitchen as gifts for friends and family. As more people enjoyed the products, she was encouraged to pursue making her hobby into a business. Family members were enlisted to help in various ways, and in 2011 Jeanine invited her childhood friend, Teri Amsler, to become a partner in this growing adventure called Moss Hill. Today, Moss Hill is handcrafted in small batches at their retail location in the Butchertown Market in Louisville, Ky. Together, Jeanine and Teri, not only have a lot of fun in their pursuit of handcrafted success, they have a commitment to providing a personal, appealing, affordable and earth-friendly product to each and every person that has the opportunity to experience Moss Hill's collection of pampering products.