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Jerry Hollon


Jerry Hollon Woodworking
281 View Point Drive
Richmond, KY 40475

Growing up in rural Appalachia, I had the opportunity to visit friends and neighbors who harvested their trees and constructed beautiful wooden items for use in their homes. My love of woodworking began as a child, carving wooden toys to play with.

I continued my pursuit of this endeavor throughout my high school years. When my friends were buying tape players for their cars, I bought woodworking equipment for my own shop. I began my career teaching woodworking as an Industrial Arts instructor in eastern Kentucky. I then moved to various administrative positions within the school system, but continued my woodworking during evenings and weekends. I have retired as an educator and now I am focused on creating beautiful, unique, functional items for preparing and serving food.

The woods in these products are hardwoods native to the Appalachia.  All materials in my work are natural and food safe.

My wish is that the items I create can be treasured and enjoyed by families and friends for a lifetime.