Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Jim Waugh


Seven Oaks Wood Gallery
6541 Leitchfield Road
Cecilia, KY 42724

Jim Waugh has been working with wood for more than 50 years. He started by taking a cabinet-making class and has been hooked ever since.

Waugh specializes in turning wood and making furniture with domestic hardwoods as well as exotic woods and burls. He has several buildings full of wood and scraps to choose from because he can’t stand to throw away a piece of wood.

Frequently, Waugh collects discarded logs at a public lot in Elizabethtown. He loves to cut into a big chunk of wood with an idea of what he wants to make. He finds this part of woodworking addictive because the wood reveals itself as it is cut into. However, the nature of the wood often dictates the final outcome, making each turned-wood piece a unique artistic work.