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Marta Elam Dorton


Marta Elam Dorton Artworks

1314 Fontaine Rd
Lexington,KY 40502

The thrill of watching my paintings coming to life keeps me enchanted with the process. As I apply the paint I love to watch the interplay of color, form and negative space.

Born in Morgan County, Ky., my family and I moved to Lexington when I was two. We often return to the mountain farms of my parents and their ancestors. This gives me a deep sense of family, place and connection to the land. Kentucky has a special place in my heart.

As the sun moves and seasons change, landscapes, mountains and water shift in color and intensity. I feel challenged to capture these seasonal changes. I work from memories and personal photographs.

My technique involves layering acrylic paint onto watercolor paper or canvas. Using a squeegee, I pick up color and scrape paint onto the surface, adding texture with each application. Most of my paintings have 20 to 30 layers that I applied individually and allowed to dry. The interaction of each layer creates interesting effects.  Sometimes I plan the final concept and sometimes I follow the lead of the paint. However, I most often paint somewhere in between these two parameters.

This process loosely depicts my subjects. It allows viewers to apply their own experiences in interpreting the work. A painting may allude to a landscape for one person and a waterscape for another. I like these shifts in reality and how questioning the subject engages my audience.