Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Dick Scheu


Kentucky Snow
1222 Holsworth Lane
Louisville, KY  40222

Dick Scheu has been a woodworker since early childhood. When he was thirteen, his father bought a new Mark V ShopSmith. He helped his father assemble it, which began a long woodworking apprenticeship. Dick still has the very same ShopSmith today, and every time he uses it he treasures the memories of the times he and his father spent together. He says "It's a way of staying connected to my beginnings as a woodworker. Sometimes I can almost feel my dad's presence while I'm working."

Dick has always been woodworking. Even while serving in the Navy he worked in a wood shop repairing antiques and making desks, beds, picture frames and boat parts for admirals' homes, offices and boats. At Ohio State University, where he earned a degree in mathematics, he customized his MGA sports car with a beautifully finished mahogany dash, shift knob, door panels and other accouterments.

Dick's artistic talents were recognized early in grade school when he was singled out for advanced art training. He did not pursue a full time career in the arts, but he has applied his artistic talents to his many other interests. He has now combined his math aptitude, his considerable woodworking skills and his artistic talents to produce his incredible snowflakes. He is a unique wood artist.

Dick is a juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, the Louisville Artisan Guild and The Ohio Designer Craftsmen. He has served as the vice-president of the KYANA Woodcrafters Club and was editor of their newsletter for many years.