Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Ray and Amy Bridewell


Bridewell Frost and Form
467 Foote Ave.
Bellevue, KY  41073

Ray Bridewell grows crystals by melting quartz and other elements to over 2300 degrees Fahrenheit.  Crystals bloom in a molten matrix of elements as the crystalline lava slowly cools.  Ray says, “After weeks of slow cooling I unload the kiln to unveil nature’s gift.  I hand cut and polish each stone looking for dramatic and extraordinary formations.”
Amy Bridewell designs and constructs one of a kind jewelry using fine silver to form organic compositions.  She says, “I explore themes related to growth in nature and properties associated with living organisms.”

Together, their work integrates art and science into an alchemical exploration of nature’s possibilities.  This exploration culminates in wearable sculpture created from nature, inspired by nature.