Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Gavin Wilson


Gavin Wilson is an artist blacksmith from southeast Kentucky. He began blacksmithing in 2001, after taking an introductory class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. His style has developed over the years through necessity, the study of traditional methods and styles, producing ornamental iron pieces for decoration and daily use and striving to forge items that are both beautiful and functional. He is a juried member of the Sheltowee Artisans, and operates an artist’s forge near Keavy. Mountainfire Forge is growing and changing to match the needs and preferences of the craft market.  We utilize many different traditional forge and joinery processes to produce our art. The forge produces functional art in both iron and copper, with some fusing of the two mediums to form uniquely beautiful pieces. We produce both production runs and individual commissions, striving to please our customers through quality workmanship and individual attention to their projects.