Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Elizabeth Worley


Handwoven Baskets by That Kentucky Lady®
2633 Water Knoll Court
Lexington, Ky 40513

In the spring of 1984 Elizabeth's mother taught her how to make the basic market and egg basket.  She was hooked! Always wanting her baskets to be unique, her designs have changed over the years and she has come to be known for functional and decorative baskets that are distinctly her own. Elizabeth dips each basket in a natural walnut stain that she makes herself. A Kentucky Crafted tag and a wooden tag with description of the basket, date it was made and her registered trademark name: Handwoven Baskets by that Kentucky Lady® are attached to each basket.

While dealing with chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer in 2002-2003 Elizabeth was unable to weave and thought she had lost her creativity. For a whole month she made “scrap" baskets from small pieces of leftover reed because she was unable to create new designs. Slowly ideas started to form in her mind about basket designs using old vintage kitchen and garden tools.  A whole new series of baskets have evolved since then and she gives God the glory for inspiring her each and every day.