Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Bonnie Drake


Gourd Art by Drake
6635 Old Bloomfield Road
Bloomfield, KY  40008

I have been a gourd artist since 1994. Back then I had been working as a pen and ink artist. One day in a shop I came across a gourd with a painting on it. After the shop keeper explained what a gourd was, I became intrigued by the fact that you could grow these gourds and dry them to become like a piece of wood on which you could do art. I started growing gourds and several years later started carving and weaving on them.

I have taken part in an exchange program with Japan. I taught Japanese artists the American way of growing gourds and making them into gourd art. They taught me how they grew and cured their gourds and the important role gourd art has played in Japanese culture.

Each gourd is unique and full of character, just waiting for me to turn it into a piece of art.