Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Lanette Freitag


LanMark Farm
121 Sharpsburg Road
Sharpsburg, KY 40374

Fiber art has been as interest of Lanette’s since she was a child.  She crocheted at eight, and made her own clothes in high school.  She loves to make felt using many different techniques.  She and her husband designed and have received a patent on a felting machine.  Designing has been her strongest interest.

Lanette moved to a farm and wanted to make use of the animal fibers in her design work.  When the animals are shorn, the fleece is very beautiful.  Lanette wants to show that beauty of the locks to the world.  She designs rugs that keeps the locks intact and shows the many variations of color and texture.  In addition, she makes wearable art, home decor, and craft items.  Lanette also loves to teach and share with people the joy of making their own items, so she presents fiber workshops.