Kentucky Crafted Artist Page

Matthew Gaddie


My work exists inside the frame and philosophy of practicality. It communicates the underlying connection I see between the rural, hard-working days of my youth and the life I want to live as an artist. The cyclical pattern of throwing, trimming, glazing, and firing are comfortable for me. I am a farmed-raised laborer who has wonderful memories of planting, weeding and harvesting.  In the age of quick marts, high speed connections, fast food, one-stop shopping, I try to live my life slowly and with purpose. In a time of massed produced uniformity, I try to create works that are unique, each piece having recorded its own tale of creation, a tale of struggles, of successes, of failures, of imperfections and of hopes… it is a human tale.

In July 2011, I received an  Emerging Artist Award for artistic excellence from the Kentucky Arts Council.