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Grace Henderson

Visual Arts and CraftsPainting

Grace Henderson creates paint classes that are designed for anyone, artistic or not, no matter their age or skill level. She has developed many other visual arts lessons that include drawing, painting, collage, tessellations, printmaking, and weaving.

She has over thirty years’ experience teaching art in K12 schools. She earned her B.A. in Art in 1980 and later completed her major in Mathematics. She is described as a true Renaissance artist as she teaches art, high school Geometry, and character education classes. 

Her business Just a Little Artsy was started in winter of 2017 when she started offering group paint classes to students of all ages. 

She believes the groundwork of most visual art forms is being able to draw realistically. She has developed a foundational drawing course The Right Side of Drawing that incrementally teaches students to learn to really see so that they can draw what they see accurately.  Lessons are scaffolded in such a way to build upon skills taught in the previous lessons.

Potential Residency Project

Sample programs: 

Right Side of Drawing (5th – 12)
Building Blocks of Drawing (younger students)
Acrylic Painting
The Art of Math

Cross Curricular Connections: Math, History, Social Studies, Language Arts