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Clara Harris

Clara Harris

Arts Education Artist
  • Theatre


    Potential Residency Project

    This Moment in America*

    A community story-sharing project to promote community and personal healing.

    Students will learn how to craft a compelling dramatic narrative in written and produce a live or recorded audio performance. Live performances can be a simple in-class sharing time, a sharing time where your students perform for other classes, or a sharing program where family and/or other community members are invited.  

    Appropriate for middle and high school. Available as a virtual residency.

    Day 1
    Introduction to residency with acting warm-ups and writing sprints that engage all the senses.
    Homework: Think of personal stories associated with a prompt.

    Day 2
    Acting warm-ups and reflection on homework. Discussion of what makes writing for performance different from other writing.
    Writing sprints to engage sense memory in retelling one of the personal stories.
    Homework: Think about - even better, record! - a found sound (a sound that is just happening in real life, e.g. the running of a dishwasher, the kids playing on the playground at the park down the street) to underscore your personal story.

    Day 3
    Acting warm-ups and reflection on homework. Refine personal story begun on Day 2. Begin acting activities in preparation for performance.
    Homework: Continue to refine writing & rehearse performance.

    Day 4
    Acting warm-ups and activities to prepare for performance.
    Homework: Rehearse your performance.

    Day 5
    Sharing program

    *This Moment in America is part of a national project that includes a virtual gallery. Students' work can be included in that gallery, with appropriate permissions granted.

    Great Monologues

    Performance opportunities for teens often revolve around their school or community plays. In Great Monologues, students are introduced to a process to find, prepare, and rehearse a Great Monologue that they can perform for a sharing program or an audition.​