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Joy Keplar

Joy Keplar

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    ​One would be hard-pressed to find jewelry that is anything like the pieces Joy Keplar creates. Combining techniques from across several different disciplines, including knitting, wirework, and beading, she creates unique pieces that invoke joy with their playful use of color and design. Joy started out as a fiber artist making clothing out of yarn but felt limited by the medium and sought out less traditional materials to knit. After experimenting with several different techniques, Joy found her niche knitting wire into jewelry and her company, Unbridled Wire, was born. Because Joy uses very light, high-gauge wire in her designs, even very large, bold pieces are comfortable and easy to wear. Color is a very important facet of her work. With each piece, she carefully considers how both the color and construction work together to enhance overall effect. Many of her items are one of a kind, and she is always happy to take special requests for custom projects.

    "I see my art as an outward expression of my inner joy. I create art for others in order to give them a visual and concrete representation of my love for them. On any given day, I can look in the mirror and see the earrings I am wearing given by my mom or the sweater I have on that used to be my grandfather's. When I see my reflection along with these precious things, I see all of it together as a collage of happy memories created by those I hold dear. As a jewelry artist, I want to make something for you that invokes warm thoughts and happy memories whenever it is seen in a reflection or felt resting by the heart. When someone holds a piece of art I made, I want them to feel its heartbeat. I want my jewelry to spread unbridled joy through its intention, color, and construction."

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