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Elizabeth Foley

Elizabeth Foley

Arts Education Artist
  • Visual Arts and Crafts


    ​“Teach art, make art” has been Elizabeth’s mantra for over twenty years. As a former classroom teacher she understands scope and sequence as well as meeting national standards. In her capacity as an artist she can share with the students her experience as well as printmaking techniques. Not only does she want to teach printmaking, but give students the opportunity for positive creative experiences that they will remember as unique. Her sessions will be lively and encourage students to take risks and have fun while learning new ways of making art.

    Elizabeth is an artist in Louisville. She earned a BFA in graphic design from Washington University and an MFA in printmaking and M.Ed in secondary education from Ohio University. She has exhibited work regionally at 21c Museum Hotel Lexington and in the collections at UK Chandler Medical Center, May Department Stores, and Kentucky One Healthcare Network. While developing her art practice, she taught art at Wyoming Middle School in Wyoming, Ohio and then at Sayre Upper School in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a member of the Kentucky Crafted Program; a cohort in the 2017-18 Hadley Creatives Program; and participated in the inaugural Art of Goodwill.

    Potential Residency Project

    These are sample lessons we can develop for the residency. Customizing the experience for you and your students is the best way to get the most out of the sessions. I am interested in working with teachers to create a dynamic learning experience for the students – and a chance for the teacher to be creative too! We can discuss logistics (such as storage and printing with a large class) and modify lessons for printing with or without a press.

    Experimental Printmaking
    Printing found objects, we will create abstract compositions – all with hand-printing. This is a great lesson to combine with Environmental Science (Earth Day) with the opportunity to talk about recycling. Students can learn about the elements and principles of design, color mixing, as well as dealing with “happy accidents.”
    Time Required: 1-2 classes
    Grade levels: 5-12 Grades

    Stamp Printing Repeat Patterns
    Students learn to carve easy cut linoleum and create stamps for printing on paper or fabric. We can talk about patterns as well as mathematical transformations (reflect, rotate, translate). Composition, color theory, and hierarchy are key topics covered in this lesson.
    Time Required: 3-5 classes
    Grade levels: 5-12 Grades

    Collagraph Prints
    Collagraphs are prints made from textures. Students attach various textures to a plate; roll it up with ink; and print. We can brainstorm themes for the project – landscape, illuminated letters, depending on how you want the lesson to relate to your scope and sequence.
    Time Required: 2-5 classes
    Grade levels: 5-12 Grades​​

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