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Eugene King

Eugene King

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Wood


    As an artist creates beautiful paintings using different pigments and brush strokes, we at TG Designs employ the color and texture of the wood and the strokes of various techniques to create a work of art.

    To accomplish this, we must see and understand the beauty and nature of the wood we use. In laying out the wood for each piece, we make the figure of the grain flow so there is as much continuity as possible. We use the color of the wood or contrasting colors to highlight the design. Because wood contains such depth and texture, we enjoy complementing and displaying these characteristics so others can appreciate the wood’s beauty. As sculptors, we remove all the unnecessary wood to reveal the images and shapes that we desire.

    The process of making a custom piece is enjoyable and creative. Our aim is to hear what you, our client, wants so that we can make a beautiful piece that will meet your needs and your aesthetic values. In creating each unique piece, we strive for integrity in our work that will stand the test of time.

    Natural beauty, organic feel and usefulness are the qualities we desire to achieve in crafting our products. Creations that combine these elements will become essentials of the home as well as treasured heirlooms. Our goal is to create artistic work, with quality and integrity that you will enjoy and be able to pass on to coming generations.

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