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Jennifer Dunham

Jennifer Dunham

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Graphics; Mixed Media 2-D


    My current artistic creations are the result of a combination of graphic design work and my work with public libraries. I have a degree in art education and have worked many years in the arts both teaching and in freelance design work. I am also a certified librarian, and as an employee in a public library one of my projects has been teaching the Zentangle® method of drawing in classes offered by the library. I have used this design technique in combination with botanical drawing as well in my graphic work on old card catalog cards that I obtained when the library switched to a digital card catalog and eliminated the use of traditional cards. I begin this artistic process with a theme such as the names given to each full moon. Then I select catalog cards that reflect in some way the theme I am working with. In this way the cards and my drawings coordinate with one another. I use my training in botanical illustration along with the pattern drawing of Zentangle® to create the combination of naturalistic and man-made design that provides a unique contrast in my current design work. I am also intrigued with the fact that these cards have been used by many people and therefore have a connection to a large number of people who may see in them something of their own experiences within the library as they view the information on the catalog cards peeking through my ink drawings.

    All my card designs are original and one of a kind. Each card design is drawn in ink on authentic library card catalog cards and has not been copied by me to produce prints, so that each one is unique without a copy. They are professionally mounted and framed and ready to hang. I do commission work as well, but the catalog cards are in limited supply and the subject matter of the cards cannot always be requested due to limited availability.

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      It's In The Cards

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      190 Woodlark Road
      Versailles, KY 40383

    • 859-753-8909