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Phourist & the Photons

Phourist & the Photons

Performing Artist
  • Music: Solos, Duos, and Trios
  • Number of Performers: 1-3
  • Fee Range: negotiable
  • Available for Block Booking


Phourist (for-rist) & the Photons began as Nick Hill's solo project (known then only as Phourist). After a few solo records, Terrestrial Daydream and Breathe Deep (highly textured, cinematic records), Hill became restless for a larger sound. "Having only one guy to play all the parts is pretty limiting, especially if you can hear so much more in your head! I was also getting tired of being the guy who played pretty music... I love pretty music but I felt like I had more to give... kinda wanted to kick in some teeth," he decided.

With an arsenal of songs that had no proper outlet, Hill went through countless lineup changes. It wasn't until a friend of his father's recommended Scott Boice as a potential drummer that the current incarnation of the band began to take shape. Boice's firm grasp of dynamics and uniquely instinctual style of playing lent itself perfectly to the path the music was headed. Boice joined the band just as the bassist left to pursue her own musical endeavors. Luckily, Boice's long-time friend and old bandmate Stuart Wicke was available. Wicke's aggressive musicality perfectly firmed up the line-up, the two of them (Boice and Wicke) presenting a highly dynamic, formidable and seemingly uninhibited rhythm section. This combined with Hill's cinematic style of writing melodies led to the sound that is Phourist & the Photons.

Minimal Technical Requirements

​Sound: two-three vocal mics, mics on drums and amps, DI for guitar, power outlet