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Megan Sauter

Megan Sauter

Arts Education Artist
  • Visual Arts and Crafts


    Megan Sauter, of Frankfort, Kentucky, is a ceramic artist and community arts instructor. During her undergraduate work at Georgetown College, she studied sculpture and ceramics abroad in both Italy and Japan. She continued her ceramic education at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Penland School of Craft, and Miami University’s Craft Summer Program. Her knowledge of a variety of ceramic processes encouraged her to begin teaching. Megan received master’s degree in arts education from the University of Kentucky and has been teaching at multiple community centers and participating in artist and residency programs for the past four years. Currently, she is working on her masters of fine arts degree at Hood College in Maryland. Megan enjoys teaching art classes to children, creating public murals, and working in her home studio.

    Potential Residency Project

    Ceramic Tile Mural
    3rd-12th grade

    Students will collaborate to design and create bas-relief tiles for a ceramic mural to be installed in their school. This project will explore a cross-curricular connection between art and a content area of the teacher’s choice.


    • Students will understand the ceramic arts and the career of a working artist while identifying elements of art and principles of design.

    • Students will create a sketchbook and learn the basics of book making.

    • Students will research a topic and draw designs influenced from their findings.

    • Students will design a bas-relief clay tile that resembles their drawing.

    • Students will prepare for their unveiling of the mural and report on their experience through facilitated discussion and individual writing.

    Day 1: Students will listen to an artist talk on the ceramic arts to further understand the art form and the career of a working artist. The artist will show examples of student murals to begin the discussion on the overall theme.

    Day 2: Students will create a sketchbook that will be used for their research and tile sketches. The teacher and artist will provide materials to aid students in their concept. A colored drawing will be completed for their final design.

    Day 3: Students will work with clay to cut their tile and begin their bas-relief sculpture. The sketchbook drawing will be carved onto their tile. Clay will be added on the tile to add a third dimension to the objects in the design.

    Day 4: The clay tiles will be painted with colored glaze. A final coat of clear glaze will be painted on once the colored glaze dries.

    Day 5: Students will work together to create tiles for the border of the mural. The residency will end with a discussion and written evaluation. The artist will show students pictures of the assemblage and installation process.

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