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Pat Banks

Pat Banks

Arts Education Artist
  • Visual Arts and Crafts


    ​​​​​I have been an artist all of my life. My earliest memories are about color and drawing. My father is an architect so I grew up with his work around me. I had a wonderful second grade teacher who taught me watercolor. That is where my journey began. I think that is what being an artist and creating art is all about: the journey, the process, the learning. The other side of learning is teaching and that is where my work with students fits into my life and work. I enjoy the sense of discovery and empowerment art experiences give to students.​

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    Potential Residency Project

    All of my residences incorporate basic skills: elements and principles of design, drawing, painting and brush handling and research! All projects are geared to the age and skill level of students. I believe you are never too young to start and more practice and review is a good thing! That is what brings the skill level up! These residencies have been successful how ever if you have other ideas you would like to try with your students I will be happy to work with you and help you design a project that fits into your curriculum.

    • Wall Murals - Acrylic (any subject) 
      * Ten days grades 2-12
      The process: students research the subject, practice skills, plan composition, decide on scale, layout the simple composition, then start/finish the painting. Writing should be incorporated into the project.

    • Self Portraits - Watercolor
      * Ten days grades 2-12
      The students will learn basic drawing and painting skills and measurements of the head and face. They will look at shapes and learn about light and form. This is a great time to work on personal histories or start personal journals.

    • Basic Drawing
      * Ten days grades k-12
      Study the elements and principles of design, 1&2 point perspective and study historical sites. Study the shapes and textures of animals and native plants. The drawings can be assembled into a book or journal.

    • Native Plants, Flowers and/or Trees - Watercolor
      * Ten days k-12
      Study basic drawing and painting skills. Take a field trip to research and study plants, sketch and photograph subjects. Sketch and paint the chosen plant(s) of study. Write about or describe and label the plants.

    • Animals- Watercolor
      * Ten days grades k-12
      Take a trip to the Zoo (Louisville), or the Salato Center (Frankfort) Sketch and photograph the animals of study. Read about them and know the habitat. Sketch and paint the final works.

    • Historic Sites/Re-enactments - Watercolor
      * Ten days 4-12
      The student would study the place or event. Plan a field trip around the study. Sketch and photograph the study. Sketch and paint final works.

    * Presentation of work is very important! Here are some options:

    1. Frame at least one of the paintings. Many times at the dollar store you can fine $1-2.00 frames.

    2. Collect the "process" in a folder. We will have sketches, photos, watercolor techniques and finished paintings, written materials.

    3. Bind a book with their work.

    4. Create an art show event. Have the artist there with some of his/her work. Show the students work. Have workstations set up so students can teach other students and/or their parents.

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