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Don Ament

Don Ament

Architectural Artist
  • Environmental Graphics


    Don Ament started his professional photography career in the eighth grade, and has been actively creating and exhibiting his work full-time since 1995.

    A recipient of the Kentucky Arts Council’s Al Smith Fellowship and numerous other awards, Don has developed an impressive collector base of more than 5,000 private patrons around the world. Corporate collectors include Saint Joseph Hospital, UK Chandler Medical Center, Tempur-Pedic, Brown-Forman, Pier 1 Imports, Amoco Corporation and the Mayo Clinic.

    "My images have always been about light, form and color," he says. "Wrapping a meaningful photographic composition around those three basic elements presents the ultimate artistic challenge."

    Recent directions in Don's work include designing images from small to grand scale in multiple-panel form to integrate space, depth and atmosphere into his photographs. These panels can be sized and crafted to fit any space or design requirement. A new project for the Tempur-Pedic corporate headquarters in Lexington, Ky., involves completely covering a 10 foot by 40 foot operable wall with one of his images.

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