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Don Ament

Don Ament

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Photography


    Today an ongoing and routinely disturbing internal thrum drives my image making. I can’t avoid giving voice to a planet we have forgotten how to care for. Seeking some form of redemption, I dive ever deeper into the landscape and the light falling upon it.

    Photographers can easily get consumed obsessing over the latest technology. But today's whiz-bang device will become tomorrow's doorstop. I tend to underplay the importance of whatever camera or equipment is being used. Suffice it to say I have large tripods, excellent hiking boots, some of the latest cameras and lenses, and some that are over 50 years old. Light is the only tool that really matters, and for inspiration I look to the master photographers and painters who know how to use it.

    Thankfully there are those rare photographic moments when all thoughts fall away, and time and space dissolve into the sea of nothingness from which they came. These miracles happen quietly, quickly, without warning or even reason. Hunched over the tripod, at the edge of some remote and wild place, a shaft of light moves, a shutter fires, and a moment of time is borrowed in a brief contact with the Infinite.

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