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Michael "Mick" Shambro

Michael "Mick" Shambro

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Wood


    All of Mick's wooden portraits are his own original designs.  Each piece is copyrighted and signed.  A good deal of his work is inspired by the beauty of Kentucky, particularly the bluegrass area with its thoroughbred horses, miles of board fences, and gently rolling fields.  His work is his way of commemorating this magnificent scenery.

    Mick also creates wooden portraits of animals, great and small, and other beautiful landscapes.  He is continually exploring and expanding his collection of imagery.

    Mick cuts his wooden portraits from light-colored wood and attaches a dark, felt background when finished.  The combination of the light wood and the dark background lends itself well to the silhouette effect he is creating.

    Mick's wooden portraits are more than just well-cut pieces of wood; they breathe life into a piece of wood, and provide a unique and inspiring piece of artwork that can be enjoyed for generations.

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