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Kathleen O'Brien

Kathleen O'Brien

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Mixed Media 2-D; Graphics


    ​​What has always interested her is what lies beneath the surface appearance of things.  Observing a sunflower she wonders: what is the sacred geometry of its design, what does it convey, what mystery gives it life?  In nature it is the qualities of beauty, transparency, layering, mutability, life force and communication which she translates into art.  What she sees and therefore brings into form are creations that reveal the subtle dimensions of reality.  Integrating elements that represent conscious life is reflective of wholeness.  In the moment the creative flow connects her with her right place, where she seeks to touch the soul at the deepest level.

    In July 2011, the Kentucky Arts Council awarded Kathleen with an Al Smith Fellowship in recognition of her artistic excellence.

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