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Patricia Brock

Patricia Brock

Kentucky Crafted Artist Archive
  • Photography


    ​​During her childhood, Patricia Brock first began photographing using her mother's box camera to document family history.  As time passed she found that her photographs were reflecting scenes of nature: florals, animals, waterfalls and landscapes. Her love for capturing nature around her became a professional pursuit after she retired from teaching.  She began producing note cards and enlargements that reflected a sensitivity to nature and "Captures of Nature" evolved.  ”It is such a thrill to photograph nature's beautiful images and share them,” says Patricia.  ”I especially enjoy capturing images that put me in touch with nature and let my imagination soar.  Each photograph holds a special memory and place in time.”

    During her travels Patricia became interested in architecture and has added architectural composition to her work.  The lines, shapes and angles provide a fascinating view of our world and its history.  Patricia’s photographs display an explosion of natural color showcasing the images exactly as they are detected. Her photographs are printed on archival paper or canvas and in many sizes, from a small image to one large enough to display on a prominent wall space. You can choose your favorite style and express your own personality, allowing you to come back again and again to “capture it anew.”

    Her work is exhibited in juried art shows, publications, specialty shops and galleries.

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