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Yolantha Harrison-Pace

Yolantha Harrison-Pace

Arts Education Artist
  • Dance


    ​Yolantha Harrison-Pace is a performing arts specialist, award winning author, playwright, poet and missionary to Haiti.  Her work is uniquely steeped in her heritage of the African American, Cherokee and Arapaho cultures.  She has written as well as choreographed and directed numerous plays.  She has traveled the Commonwealth as a performing arts specialist highlighting West African dance, Native American movement and theatre as a means of fulfilling the Kentucky Core Content requirements.  She is the national recipient of Humanitarian Author of the Year, Poet of the Year and Author of the Year.  She is also honored as one of American's Top 100 African American Authors.

    Potential Residency Project

    Sample 5 day residency (also available upon request 10 day residency which includes designing Adinkra, Kente or Adire cloths)

    Mission:  To teach the CORE Content Elements of Dance using the West African Culture through games and movement as the students learn a dance using traditional West African Styled movement.

    DAY ONE:  written assessment; comparing Africa to America; 80 count dance warm-up using the Elements of Dance & dance vocabulary.

    DAY TWO:  American relay vs. African Relay, Warm-up and isolations, West African Choreography/Welcome Dance or Harvest Dance.

    DAY THREE:  Warm-up & isolations; West African choreography, Introduce African Drumming.

    DAY FOUR:  Warm-up & isolations, finalize choreography, bring in authentic African drums/Djembes and other African artwork to show; teach traditional African wrappings for costumes.

    DAY FIVE:  final assessment, technical rehearsal, showcase to invited audience.

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