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Mark Needham

Mark Needham

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Jewelry


    Son of a home builder, grandson of a mason and iron worker, Mark Needham has built and designed things his entire life.  Educated as an architect, he also studied printmaking and has participated in the Louisville arts scene for over thirty years, exhibiting photography, drawings, sculpture, and graphic design as well as jewelry.  Owner of the multi-disciplinary design company, GOOD IDEA!, Needham engages almost any design problem: printed materials, POPs, TV and radio campaigns, sales videos, displays, Websites, illustrations, sculptures, photography, copywriting, copyrighting and manufacturing advice, and has built a variety of prototypes.

    With his architectural training and background and a love of simplicity as exemplified in Scandinavian, Japanese, Dutch and German industrial design, his own sculptural and architectural forms appeal to women and men who appreciate modern design and enjoy the attention that wearing art generates.

    Prices range from relatively inexpensive to moderately expensive, depending on materials and complexity.  Many necklace designs incorporate unique magnetic or friction closures of Needham's own design and manufacture, which are easier to use than typical lobster clasps.  Needham's unique one-of-a-kind executions have been shown in leading American and Canadian museums and a variety of retail stores.

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