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Dave Caudill

Dave Caudill

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Sculpture; Metal; Furniture


    I build large, commissioned sculptures in stainless steel for public and corporate spaces and personal landscapes. Their common denominator is a lyrical vigor and celebration of life.

    In order to foster discovery and creativity, I design my small bronse sculptures so that viewers can reposition them to discover new gestures in different contexts.

    Doodles” is the name I have given to the napkin rings I make by hand using stainless wire.  They are lively and unique.  Packaged in sets of four or eight, all the rings are different, thus offering more enjoyment in their use.

    My Urban Rustic garden benches and tables are made of multicolor granite tops with stainless and/or rusted steel bases, using recycled materials. All designs are unique sculptures created through spontaneous improvisation.

    My handrails, which also function as sculpture, are made of stainless steel.  Each is custom designed for its site conditions.

    The spirit of all this work comes from the belief that art’s major value to our society lies in its ability to inspire creative vision in all who experience it. I define creativity as an ability to see things differently in daily problem-solving. Art helps all of us practice this ability so that we can enjoy more success in everything we do because we are constantly thinking of new options and improving our decisions.

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