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Albert Nelson

Albert Nelson

Architectural Artist
  • Stone


    In Albert Nelson’s opinion, art is first and foremost communication. Using a visual language that is understood by as many people as possible is important to him. To this end his art tends to center around what he considers to be the most universal of human themes: faith, hope and love.

    Amid the forces of cynicism and negativity, he makes no apologies for the tenderness of his subject matter. He finds it particularly satisfying to take a material that is perceived to be as cold and hard as stone and make it appear soft and warm. It is his sincere wish to bring images into this world that focus on and pay homage to the higher aspirations of our human journey.​​​

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    • Contact Information :

      Stone: custom stonework, architectural signage, benches & garden features, and statue repair
      Nelstone LLC
      105 Hillcrest Avenue
      Louisville, KY  40206

    • 502-338-3607