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Kentucky Wild Horse

Kentucky Wild Horse

Performing Artist
  • Music: Ensembles and Groups
  • Number of Performers: 5
  • Fee Range: $400—$1,500
  • Available for Block Booking


Kentucky Wild Horse is named after an old eastern Kentucky fiddle tune. Their repertoire includes old-time, bluegrass, swing and fiddle tunes learned directly from earlier generations of Kentucky musicians, as well as original songs. They specialize in music from and about Kentucky and can include in their performances vintage music from any part of the state. All members of the band speak with authority to audiences about the historical background of the music, the performers they learned from and the stories associated with them. They offer full performances as well as teaching workshops on all instruments played in their performances: fiddle, banjo (overhand, two-finger, and bluegrass), guitar, mandolin and bass. The band is also experienced in playing and calling for square dancing.

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