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Darryl Halbrooks

Darryl Halbrooks

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Mixed Media 2-D; Painting


    All my recent work is acrylic on plastic glass with polyester resin, epoxy resin and sometimes other materials such as handmade paper, or Legos thrown in. Many of the pieces start out in very traditional ways, such as hand-painting with brushes in a manner not dissimilar to early European panel painting, while others, especially the abstract pieces are assembled and constructed with the transparency of plastic glass becoming a factor, allowing the viewer to see both front and back of the piece at once.

    There are three bodies of work represented in these images.

    The figurative works (entitled “Religious-Looking Ladies" or “Religious-Looking Figures" or “Important-Looking Ladies") are inspired by historical works such as Russian religious icons or various royal portraits.

    The vertically oriented landscapes are inspired by my frequent travels along the 38th parallel between my studios in Kentucky and Colorado.

    The abstract pieces are largely inspired by color and material experimentation in the spirit of pure design, as was often the case with the abstract-expressionists of the previous century.

    I once read a statement by David Hockney, who wrote: “I paint when I want, where I want, and what I want." That statement, along with Carl Sagan's “These are a few of the things hydrogen atoms do, given fifteen billion years," (although we now know that the universe is a mere 13.5 billion years) have given me license to work, free from any kind of restraint, whether artistic or religious in nature … and feel just fine about it.

    As a result, over an art career of more than 50 years, I have been—and continue to be—likely to do just about anything that interests me.

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