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Ben Maddox

Ben Maddox

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Glass; Mixed Media 3-D


    ​Only where there's light, can life properly come to fruition. This is where Benjamin Maddox's art distinguishes itself, in revolutionizing the use of luminescence in the company of living raw matter such as glass, metal and wood, with the intention of creating an organic connection. While these elements may be physical to us, towards the expanding universe they're but a primal abstraction of tangibility. Benjamin's work seeks to evoke this longing for simplicity through illusory mirrors to witness our complex inner selves, searching for our unexpected place in the cosmos.

    With fused glass being the focal point, those many material skillsets such as metalworking, carpentry, electronics and programming all come together to create a unique sculpture in style and form. Taking the illusory concept of an "infinity mirror" into a different direction, the addition of backlit fused glass adds substantial depth to the piece creating striking colors and flow. While this is a body of work, every aspect of the mediums used to have the intended potential to create a special & unrepeatable concept: where there are no two glass panels alike, no texture the same, or LED program repeated. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

    Benjamin went to Tulsa Welding School, where he learned many new skills in metalworking, eventually traveling across the United States. On the verge of burnout, slowed down by the pandemic and laid off permanently from a job, Benjamin created a plan to start his own metalworking business, finally getting to chase his passion of metal sculpture upon returning home. Gaining traction by having work in Artique, every one of his pieces sold within months, giving hope to an unknown path forward and changing mediums by complete circumstance. In June of 2022 Benjamin spoke to a friend about the concept of combining stained glass into his existing metal sculptures, and the next week they, unannounced, dropped off a wealth of reclaimed antique glass at his door by a friend of that friend who happened to do renovations. Starting to teach himself stained glass, he grew quickly after finding a market for his new work at smaller fairs, eventually being introduced to acclaimed glass artist Dan Neil Barnes in November of 2022. Apprenticing with Barnes since, Benjamin now travels across the country selling his work at nationally renowned shows.  

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