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Nick Tudor

Nick Tudor

Kentucky Crafted Artist
  • Graphics; Mixed Media 2-D


    There are three parts of the modern world that, in my opinion, teach us that anything can be immortalized. The first is the remarkable diversity of nature, specifically the misunderstood animals that most people view with a negative perspective. The second is the influence of pop culture media and how people show their love and respect, while also paying tribute to the hard work and soul behind pop culture creators. The last is art and detail.

    With the advent of art, many people can take what has already been done along with things that have never been accomplished before and create something new that the whole world can see and feel. Detail is one of the most focused on aspects of my work as it conveys to people how much effort and care I put into each piece. This is the mindset that I hold with me while I create my artwork. From animal portraits to my pop culture pieces, all my art is made with the respect of the world I wish others to see from my perspective.​

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